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For suppose that the being cannot create the stone.

Then it seems that it is not omnipotent, for there is something that it cannot do. Then, again, there is something it cannot do, namely, lift the stone it has created.

Some analyses of omnipotence require that an omnipotent being be able to do evil, or to break promises, but God has traditionally been regarded as unable to do these things.

It has also been argued that the existence of an omnipotent being would be inconsistent with human freedom.

However, it is absurd to suppose that any being, no matter how powerful, could draw a round square.

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The view that an omnipotent being could do absolutely anything, even the logically absurd, is known as .

If, therefore, an analysis implies that certain conceivable beings who are not impressive with respect to their power count as omnipotent, then the analysis is inadequate.

Second, when a particular analysis does seem to be in line with the ordinary use of the term, the next question is whether the property described is self-consistent.

Omnipotence is thought to be a quite impressive property.

Indeed, the traditional God's omnipotence is one of the attributes that make Him worthy of worship.

This question is known as the Paradox of the Stone, or the Paradox of Omnipotence.