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monrm - Unregisters a monitoring plug-in module from the x CAT cluster.

Where applicable place the software in the appropriate directories under /install for AIX or LINUX for installation during the rnetboot process.sp Trap Blade Name can be found in the mm mib file or from your email notification.) The following example will filter out all power on/off/reboot alerts for any blades.chtab name=snmpmon,key=ignore monsetting.value=sp Trap Msg Text="Blade poweredoff",\ sp Trap Msg Text="Blade powered on",sp Trap Msg Text="System board (Sys Pwr Monitor) power \ cycle",sp Trap Msg Text="System board (Sys Pwr Monitor) power off", \ sp Trap Msg Text="System board (Sys Pwr Monitor) power on",sp Trap Msg Text="Blade reboot" There are other keys and values for the monsetting table supported by snmpmon monitoring plug-in.Currently it supports Blade Center MM, RSAII, BMC, Mellanox IB Switch. Message: Node: rro123b Machine Type/Model: 0284 Serial Number: 1012ADA Room: Rack: Unit: Chassis: Slot: SNMP Critical Alert received from bco41(UDP: [.41]:161) App ID: "Blade Center Advanced Management Module" App Alert Type: 128 Message: "Processor 2 (CPU 2 Status) internal error" Blade Name: "rro123b" Error Source="Blade_11" Trap details: DISMAN-EVENT-MIB::sys Up Time Instance=:12.08 SNMPv2-MIB::snmp Trap OID.0=BLADESPPALT-MIB::mm Trap Blade C BLADESPPALT-MIB::sp Trap Date Time="Date(m/d/y)=05/20/08, Time(h:m:s)=" BLADESPPALT-MIB::sp Trap App Id="Blade Center Advanced Management Module" BLADESPPALT-MIB::sp Trap Sp Txt Id="bco41" BLADESPPALT-MIB::sp Trap Sys Uuid="D76ADB0137E2438B9F14DCC6569478BA" BLADESPPALT-MIB::sp Trap Sys Sern="100058A" BLADESPPALT-MIB::sp Trap App Type=128 BLADESPPALT-MIB::sp Trap Priority=0 BLADESPPALT-MIB::sp Trap Msg Text="Processor 2 (CPU 2 Status) internal error" BLADESPPALT-MIB::sp Trap Host Contact="No Contact Configured" BLADESPPALT-MIB::sp Trap Host Location="No Location Configured" BLADESPPALT-MIB::sp Trap Blade Name="rro123b" BLADESPPALT-MIB::sp Trap Blade Sern="YL113684L129" BLADESPPALT-MIB::sp Trap Blade Uuid="3A77351D00001000B6AA001A640F4972" BLADESPPALT-MIB::sp Trap Evt Name=2154758151 BLADESPPALT-MIB::sp Trap Source Id="Blade_11" SNMP-COMMUNITY-MIB::snmp Trap Address.0=.41 SNMP-COMMUNITY-MIB::snmp Trap Community.0="public" SNMPv2-MIB::snmp Trap Enterprise.0=BLADESPPALT-MIB::mm Remote Sup Trap MIB But sometimes you want the trap handler filter out certain type of alerts.

For example, when blades are rebooting you will get a lot of alerts and you do not want to be notified for these alerts.If you are configuring monitoring on a cluster where the nodes are already installed use the updatenode process.