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The .95 cheeseburger basket comes with a small side of coleslaw and comforting crinkle fries. Links Ave., Sarasota; 941-706-4740; Owner Steve Phelps is one of the most acclaimed chefs in the region -- he earned a James Beard Foundation semi-finalist nomination for Best Chef, South in 20 -- and what he does with a burger is absolutely brilliant.

Dubbed “My Uncle’s Burger” (), it’s two thin, perfectly cooked patties of Niman Ranch grass-fed beef covered with cheddar, bacon jam, and “Indigenous sauce.” It’s everything I love in a burger: the diner-style patties teeming with juicy goodness coupled with inspired toppings resulting in a spot-on balance of salty and savory with nice hints of sweetness.

These are thin, juicy patties covered in American cheese that always hit the spot. The other day my wife Kristin and I split one of our specialty favorites that is on the menu: Fresh Jalapeno & Havarti Cheeseburger (.50 plain / .55 all the way).

I also recommend the Brie & Caramelized Onion, Tex Burger, and Bacon Cheese Burger, all priced the same as the Jalapeno & Havarti.

I recently had the pepper jack cheeseburger (.99) at the Main Street Sarasota location, which for two bucks more comes with slices of crisp bacon.

Each burger is served with a Boar’s Head pickle slice and a choice of side that includes the house-made chips. Every Thursday, Evie’s Tavern Main Street serves those half pound burgers with the same pickle and side choice for just (with the purchase of a beverage). State Road 70, Bradenton; 941-727-7111; Gimmicky but in a good way, Full Belly Stuffed Burgers takes Angus beef and stuffs the hand-formed patties with various ingredients.

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A fun mix of flavors, it was definitely a belly buster and, be warned, perhaps the messiest burger I have ever tackled.And then there are the larger, more heavily loaded, pricier burgers such as the The “Widow Maker” (.99), which is a half-pound beef patty topped with a sausage burger, ham, pulled pork, bacon, chili and American cheese on a brioche roll. It came out perfectly rare just as ordered with crispy bacon slices, creamy brie, chunky olive tapenade with a kick, and extra heat from the chipotle ranch.

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