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This may be due to the good Japan-US relations after the war and the fact that there are many American military bases in Japan.The tendency of international marriages is that, not only in Japan but also internationally, men want downward partners while women want upward partners.This is due to geographical and historical relations.The reason Brazil is outstanding in numbers is due to the fact that many Japanese-Brazilians are working in Japan.These children did not fare any better than their mothers, as the 1959 Tadashi Imai film, ), explored in a tale of two hāfu (half, or more accurately, half-breed) children who experience bullying from other children and ill treatment from adults.Indeed, while speculative, it is entirely feasible that this sort of stigmatization may have triggered the Tabbs’ move back to Pittsburgh., it struck me that Hagu is clearly implied to be bi-racial (blue eyes & blond hair, and thought bubbles of other characters putting her in idyllic European settings), and that her foreign parent is the since the father is specified to be a Japanese police chief.Hagu is not the only example I could think of - there are plenty of other examples where the mother is foreign.

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In fact, most of the Japanese women who became involved with US servicemen never immigrated as the happily married wives of these servicemen.

It’s striking that there are so many more expat men than women, but even proportionately, the American & English men seem to marry Japanese more often than the woman do. China, Korea, and the Philippines - all countries somewhat or extremely poor per capita compared to Japan.

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