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The purification rites priests had to undergo before entering their temple point to there having been a taboo on sex in sacred grounds.While there were many depictions of the act of creation by sex or self-impregnation, in Egypt, not like in some Middle Eastern countries, there was apparently no 'temple prostitution' As concerns any person entering this tomb, having eaten something abominable abominable to the akh-spirit, and having slept with a woman, I shall have him judged before the tribunal of the dead before the great god.If this passage is translated correctly, then paedophilia was apparently not evil by itself.At any rate, given the nature of the (human) beast, one ought to expect individuals to have existed in ancient Egypt, who were sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children, and the dearth of records referring to it, may be a clue to the attitude of grown-up Egyptians towards paedophilia.Adultery had generally more consequences for the wife than for the husband and was roundly condemned.But while affairs must have started the neighbours' tongues wagging, they were apparently not punishable by law, in contrast to other ancient Near Eastern societies.There is the occasional allusion to what could be premarital sex in biographical inscriptions and Hekaib for instance doesn't seem to have experienced any moral qualms about it.

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That night the pharaoh lay down to rest by the shore of the lake. In the morning the pharaoh could not rise because of his great hang-over.

According to tomb depictions children were often naked and even grown ups removed their clothes in public when the work they were doing required it.

Representations of phalli are not infrequently found in temples as part of fertility scenes rather than sexual activity.

Premarital sex in rural societies is quite frequent, whether this was the case in ancient Egypt is unclear.

The New Kingdom love poems may rather be the outpourings of frustrated young men than indications of joyful consumation.Little is known about the sexual mores, and the rarity of any mention of sex has been variously interpreted as being the result of prudish attitudes or, conversely, of sex being an accepted, natural phenomenon not worthy of a special mention might be interpreted as there having existed at least periods when sexuality was repressed.

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