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A carload of plain-clothes police arrived next day and entered the property to question the occupants.

They were then "violently ejected" by four Germans brandishing machine pistols.

Buenos Aires, Germany and Sweden are also to be visited in the coming months by Shalev and his team.

For all the skeptical people who may wish to reject this documentarys theory, Shalev has some words of wisdom the disbelievers.

Research: Pablo Weschler Producer: Noam Shalev Duration: 60 min Watch the trailer....

Shalev was not alone in his journey of discovering the new chapters of Hitlers life after the war.

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The tyre tracks were followed to the gates of a large Lahusen farm set back from the beach and screened by much vegetation".Anticipation though is still building over the documentary, as E-mails flood in from ordinary people who have become fascinated with the possibility of Hitlers escape.

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