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18-Sep-2017 21:55

Don’t use your real name in advertisements or in contacts with new men.Use an alias, one that is relatively outrageous, so it is obvious that it is an alias.If there is only one Tae Kwon Do studio in your town, then don’t tell him you take Tae Kwon Do lessons…if there are 30 of them, it is safer (but not entirely safe) to reveal that.Don’t tell him what part of town you live in (he may decide to hang around the local supermarkets looking for you).8. When you finally do decide to meet him face-to-face, make sure it is in a public place.

If you post a picture showing lots of cleavage (or more), don’t be surprised if the guy expects more than coffee and a chat on the first date…if you are advertising your body, he’s going to expect to get some of it.5.Do you want to be involved with a man who won’t consider your whole persona before judging your value as a potential date?It’s your choice, of course, but aside from the safety factor, this is a good way to weed out the shallower members of the opposite sex…the ones who don’t care if your brain works or if you would make a great mother to his future kids…the ones who only care if your face it pretty, your boobs are big, and your girlie bits are available to him.6. Remember, the man on the other computer may be completely unlike the “person” with whom you are corresponding.A girlfriend of mine…I’ll call her Brenda…dropped by the other day.

She knows that I met Hubby over the internet, and that I was Fat and Fiftyish when we met.Do not give out personal information about yourself.

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