Sexy cheerleader camp stories

16-Aug-2017 11:51

You’re opinion on that, really comes down to whether or not you can get over the hilariously poor acting and overall shoddy looking quality and enjoy it for what is, a low budget 80s slasher, with a fairly clever ending.

If you’re interested in finding out whether or not you should give this cheese-fest film a chance, pull out your pom-poms, do a little cheer and read on…

We all wondered how this poor girl got stuck with the hot dog costume, and given the opportunity to interview Ravens cheerleaders at the Merritt Downtown Athletic Club on Sunday, I went after the answers you all demanded. The funny story with that is that at camp, we do -- not hazing -- but funny, little skits and stuff to make the rookies more comfortable. '"I pointed out that in the photo, Stephanie looked totally miserable.“I know!

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I only do hard-hitting journalism here at Baltimore Sports Blitz, and I have a smashing special report from Ravens cheerleader tryouts on Sunday.

He’s constantly getting into all sorts of trouble with his video camera, dressing up as a woman and filming the girls sunbathing nude, or videotaping the head coach banging the sheriff in a fairly odd sex scene, full of football analogies.

Timmy’s antics usually always leads to nudity, so to that, I raise a glass for Timmy, may your antics never cease to entertain me.

Next, you’ve got the creepy old cook, who enjoys cocking one eyebrow, while he hacks away at some meat with a cleaver. Which, when the killing starts happening, makes it harder to guess who the killer really is.

Next you’ve got the creepy Sheriff, who stalks the women with binoculars, while hiding in the bushes from a far. Alison keeps having these strange nightmares, or day dreams of people dying and before long, that person dies.

The film has a few inventive kills, with some nice gore (bear trap scene!