Should take break dating sites

20-Aug-2017 22:47

You're fabricating a better reality for the sake of his perception of you, rather than owning up to who you really are. If he's crazy about this contrived version of you, you're simply living a fantasy.

Perhaps you want him to perceive you in a certain way, and lying gives you ego-boosting power because it allows you to be viewed in the positive way you desire.

Being trapped within your own limitations will prevent you from forming a genuine connection with a guy.

It's probably best to get your house in order and free yourself from the prison you're locked up in before you date anyone.

Face your reality instead of letting guys distract you with their temporary ego boosts.

Those truths always come out, which is why guys don't stick around for that long. This might sound harsh, but I'm only saying this because I believe in tough love.

It's not a sign your friends are just a bunch of cold-hearted bitches.

If you're always suggesting dates that involve drinking, you might want to switch it up.

If you're the type of woman who's always in a new relationship that never lasts, and you always say you're crazy about each other, you're just the woman who cries "wolf." Do this enough times, and people will just stop caring about your dating life.

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