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Magdi Cristiano Allam said his "Protagonists for Christian Europe" party would work to defend Europe's Christian values, which he sees threatened by secularism and moral relativism.

He said his new party would be open to people of all faiths and would be close to the conservative European People's Party."Allam, who took the name Cristiano upon converting, has credited Benedict with being instrumental in his decision to become a Catholic and has said the pope had baptized him to support freedom of religion.""The 56-year-old Allam has lived most of his adult life in Italy, becoming a citizen in 1986.

With the rejection of truth today, we are in the midst of a steep suicidal decline where God given natural rights e.g.

Judge Dorothy Mc Carter issued the ruling late Friday in the case of a Billings man with terminal cancer, who had sued the state with four physicians that treat The U. has begun enforcement of the "Community Cohesion' (OR better yet, "Islamic Appeasement") program in schools.If you are not yet familiar with the FSSP--(Priestly Fraternity of St. They are holy, counter-cultural men who represent the future of the Catholic Church. Roger, a reader in New Zealand, photographed the ordination of Deacon Anthony Sumich and graciously forwarded some wonderful photographs of the event.They are dedicated to spreading the latin mass and say it exclusively. Among those photographed are the Superior General of the Priestly Fraternity of St.It has now become the duty of Catholic schools to pretend that truth does not exist and all religions are equal.

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It is bad enough that an anti-Christ mentality is being forced upon the Church, but what is worse is that the English Bishops have succumbed.The new £200,000 development at the East Sussex jail has been designed as a multi-faith room with the space split into two.