Steve martin the jerk how long weve been dating

01-Jul-2017 13:44

"Our speedometer has melted and as a result it's very hard to see with any degree of accuracy exactly how fast we were going" I know.

There are still people annoyed that is some piece of work.

But that doesn't mean it's shy on laughs, and arguably's standout scene sees C D Bales having to come up with 20 different jokes about the size of his hooter.

It's Steve Martin gold, and the highlight of a joyful film that's happily stood the test of time.

His is a genuinely superb comedy performance here, and he walks away with the lion's share of the film's laughs.

For me, in terms of sheer comedy, it didn't make me laugh quite as much as the other Reiner/Martin collaborations, but that's a harsh criticism: this is still top grade stuff, and often ingenious filmmaking too.

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