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his brother, Charles, wrote numerous hymns, one is "Hark, the Herald angels sing".

1746 The Inn called ‘The Crooked Fish’, Frog Street (now Holloway Street) built.

1279 First mention of the park stretching westward beside the stream towards Woodcombe. 1407 Seven distinct hamlets of Periton, Woodcombe, Hyndon, East Myne, North Ridge and West Myne are noted site of West Myne (radar station) 1421 Lady Margaret Luttrell contributed ten shillings to provide a wooden jetty for the town.

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1543 Next to Bristol, Minehead has the most ships and sailors at the Kings disposal in the Bristol channel. 1558 Minehead gets a charter from Queen Elizabeth and becomes a borough with the right to govern the harbour.1090 -1100 William de Mohun gives the Manor of ALcombe to the Benedictine Monks of Bath.1265 William de Berkeley and a Welsh horde invade and are repelled into the sea.1838 Minehead, as a member of the new Williton Union, sends its paupers to the new Williton workhouse 1843 Contested Parliamentary election. 1905 The Greenhead Band plays at the new Bandstand on the promenade. Closed in 1935, recently Moniques dress shop, now a hairdressers. Electricity works in Marshfield Road Alcombe built.

1847 Methodist Chapel built on the site of the Old Quaker Burial Ground in Combeland Rd. 1851 Census shows population 1542 1860 27th July, West Somerset Free Press founded by Samuel Cox the printer & bookseller of Williton. Aubyn 1867 Minehead cricket club founded 1868 Gaslight & coke company formed 1869 Streets lit by gas 1870 The Carlton built in Martlett Road 1870 Stuckeys bank built – now Chanin &Thomas 1870 New residences built in the Avenue, Blenheim Terrace, later extended to form Blenheim road 1871 Bill for making a railway between Watchet & Minehead passed by parliament 1872/3 Railway station built at Minehead by John Pearse and Sons 1874 16th July, broad gage railway reaches Minehead 1874 Water supply company formed 1874 A small Methodist chapel erected in Station Road 1874 The Beach Hotel built 1875 Hotel Metropole built 1876 Methodist church opened in the Avenue on April 16th 1877 Coastguard cottages built, and Clevelands built by Thomas Lomas, architects Foster & Wood of Bristol 1877 Floyds, the ‘Ready money drapers’ opened in Friday Street by Isaac Floyd. 1906 Marston Lodge Northfield road built 1907 Beaconwood hotel built 1907 Minehead cemetery opened. 1908 Capron & sons motor &cycle depot opens in the Parade. the old electricity works in Quay lane, reopened as a Roller skating rink, also used as a Drill hall.1641 population approx 1383 1644 Parliamentarian leader General Middleton and his troops forced 9 Royalist colonels to seek refuge in the town. 1673 Post office formed 1701 Jacob Bancks arranged for a survey of the harbour. 1717 Dollens field in Alcombe purchased from Susannah Turner as a Quaker Burial Ground.

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