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 As you can see there are number of possible systems (and the above list is not even close to being all-inclusive).In order to open up this tool you simply go to the Administration sub-menu of the System menu and select the Software Update chat rooms easy to use no sign up..

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To update your software, use GNOME Software or enter the following command in a terminal.To boot your system into the upgrade process, type the following command in a terminal: $ sudo dnf system-upgrade reboot Your system will restart after this.If you experience any issues, please visit the DNF system upgrade wiki page for more information on troubleshooting in the event of a problem.Reboot and upgrade Once the previous command finishes downloading all of the upgrades, your system will be ready for rebooting.

For help resolving that issue, you can read this blog post from Kamil Páral.

If you have issues when upgrading because of packages without updates, broken dependencies, or retired packages, add the --allowerasing flag when typing the above command.