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02-Oct-2017 06:40

want to control when statistics are updated, not SQL Server.

Consider of the first scenario I described, where statistics updated at AM.

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One of my favorite topics in SQL Server is statistics, and in my next two posts I want to cover how they are updated: either by SQL Server or by you.

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However, we do not want to rely on SQL Server for our statistics updates.

Imagine the following scenarios using the original threshold: Example 1 – Physician Data I’ve given two very contrived example to help you understand that statistics are not always updated the exact moment they are marked as out of date.

It seems quite intricate, but hopefully it makes sense laid out like this.

The trick is remembering that we can’t retain any aspects of the previous "Non Business Hours Action", as they’re completely over-written when we add the new one in Step 7.

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For example, if I have a table with 10,000 rows in it, when 2500 rows have changed, then SQL Server marks the statistic as out of date. when a table has less than 500 rows, or if the table is temporary), but in general this threshold is what you need to remember.