Updating garmin nuvi 350 maps

22-Nov-2017 17:24

updating garmin nuvi 350 maps-83

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– New External Battery Pack Option: You can now attach a secondary battery pack to the bottom using a locking mechanism.

– Longer battery life: Claimed at up to 20 hours internally, and then you can stack on another 24 hours with the battery pack.

In any case, in usual DCR style, bulleted list here we come:– Totally revamped main user dashboard: This is pretty apparent from pretty much any photo you see here.

– New First Beat Recovery and Training Status metrics: We saw these introduced on FR935/Fenix 5 earlier this year, they mirror the same here.

– Real-time Strava Segment listings: The unit will now use your phone to show you actual Strava segments nearby as you ride along (not just pre-loaded ones), along with real-time data on those segments.

After which I’ll head out and get my own unit via normal retail channels.And what you’ll see is that in many cases it’s more of an evolutionary upgrade than it is a revolutionary one.Which isn’t to say that’s bad – in fact, in many ways that’s good, as it minimizes the amount of issues you see at the outset.Not only that, it adds in Bluetooth Smart sensor support, First Beat Training load metrics, Rider to Rider messaging, and more.

I’ve been riding with the unit for quite a while now and have a pretty good grasp on all these features, so much that it’s definitely in-depth review time.

Se você é um destes milhares de novos usuários que acabaram de comprar seu primeiro GPS e não tem a mínima idéia de como instalar ou atualizar mapas. Todos já passaram ou um dia passarão por isto – pois acredito que no futuro a maioria dos carros terão equipamentos de GPS.

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