Updating satellite orbit data suunto

07-Jul-2017 22:16

In the case of the Ambit3, it’s especially been since it was ready enough for external testing (by testers outside Suunto) at the end of June.

On a recent run on my Beijing Trail #1, the Ambit3 Sport’s GPS put it at a much-too-high altitude at the beginning; the correction which later set in put me at the appropriate altitude, but that shift then messed up the descent recorded.

Reviews all too often reflect the worst of the superficial living we have fallen into.

We have been conditioned into thinking that the latest product must be the best that will solve all its predecessor’s, if not all our life’s, problems.

The analysis given by Firstbeat Athlete still finds artifacts (heart rates recorded but likely to be wrong according to this software’s algorithms); I have also seen different readings and what looks like a different rate at which the heart rate displayed is updated on the different Ambit generations…

The question would be how much of that is due to differences inherent in the technology and how much of it due to e.g.

Had there been any recording of a position far away from the actual, it would be a bad sign; the ‘jittering’ is a normal GPS issue and not much of a problem when on the move.) The different average cadence recorded is the one value that truly has me puzzled…