Updating sql tables from excel yulhae dating site

06-Nov-2017 02:52

I have a sheet excel and I have to update particular cells of the sheet with the result of a sql query.I have found some example but I would want to index the cells that I want to update for example Update Prova...Sheet1$(Field1, Field2)SELECT 'who','doneit'SELECT * FROM OPENDATASOURCE('Microsoft. Sheet1$Gary Johnson Microsoft Natural Language Group DBA, Sr.DB Engineer Edited by - gljjr on 10/01/2003 PM Gary Johnson Microsoft Natural Language Group DBA, Sr.I get this message when I try the open Data Source command OLE DB provider 'Microsoft. OLE DB error trace [Non-interface error: OLE DB provider does not contain the table: Provider Name='Microsoft. Thanks I am getting error when trying to import data from excel to sql server OLE DB provider 'Microsoft.

Imagine, you have performed data analysis in your Excel workbook, built some charts for your SQL Server data, and you can re-read data from the source and update all this to the current state by just clicking a button on the ribbon whenever you need.Devart Excel Add-in for SQL Server allows you to connect Microsoft Excel to SQL Server or SQL Azure, quickly and easily load data from SQL Server or SQL Azure to Excel, instantly refresh data in an Excel workbook from the database, edit these data, and save them back to SQL Server.It enables you to work with SQL Server data like with usual Excel worksheets, easily perform data cleansing and de-duplication, and apply all the Excel's powerful data processing and analysis capabilities to these data.Connection information may optionally be stored in the Excel file, or you may reenter it whenever necessary.

Visual Query Builder allows you to choose a table to import data from, select the columns from this table and related tables, and set filter conditions and data ordering options visually.

I have found some example but I would want to index the cells that I want to update for example Update Prova... Based upon your example you are using Linked Server to access Excel.

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