Validating xml with xsd in net

20-Dec-2017 13:14

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There are several tools available for doing so, such as

For more information on JWTs, you can refer to the JWT specification.

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Always ensure that your app transmits and stores bearer tokens in a secure manner.

When your app receives an id_token, it must validate the signature to prove the token's authenticity and validate a few claims in the token to prove its validity.

The claims validated by an app vary depending on scenario requirements, but there are some common claim validations that your app must perform in every scenario.

The claims in JWTs are JSON objects encoded and serialized for transmission.

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Since the JWTs issued by Azure AD are signed, but not encrypted, you can easily inspect the contents of a JWT for debugging purposes.Azure AD supports the OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol, which makes use of both access_tokens and refresh_tokens.