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16-Jun-2017 00:18

The story was about a wildlife field trip gone awry, after seven unsuspecting, randomly-selected college students sailed on the Orca to the island of eccentric and reclusive Vincent King (Sean Kanan).

His targets included 17 year-old high-school senior/babysitter Laurie Strode/Myers (Scout Taylor-Compton) (Michael's orphaned sister! Eighteen months later, he had moved away from San Francisco and was running a surf shop on a Mexican beach where Miranda suddenly reappeared.

Michael soon found revenge through a series of horrific and vicious murders.

He first sliced his mean, lazy and lecherous stepfather Ronnie White's (William Forsythe) throat with a large butcher knife after duct-taping him to his lounge chair and then stabbed him to death.

A newspaper advertised his good-luck charm or 'gift' ("a dentist drill you'll want") - which he wished to find a way to end, but which also allowed him to bed down numerous eager women (unknown actresses).

However, he had a more likely chance at a real relationship with klutzy penguin trainer Cam Wexler (Jessica Alba), but feared losing her by sleeping with her.It was most noted for its frequent nudity from lots of different female characters, due to the racy content and plot.

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