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"I just don't think a Smashing Pumpkins acoustic album is going to work right now, because the expectation is we're going to go back to playing epic flaming rock, and I don't have a problem with that.

But if I said, 'Well, I want to do this first, and put it out, and then we're going to do that.'" He continued: "If people don't like that, they're not going to want to hear the flaming rock album. The one thing you realize in this journey is you have nothing in the bank account, every time is the first time.

He founded a new alternative rock band, Smashing Pumpkins, in 1989 where he was the lead vocalists and guitarist.

A year later the band signed a recording contract, and in 1991 they released their debut album Musician William Patrick Corgan, Jr., better known as Billy Corgan, was born on March 17, 1967, in Elk Grove, Illinois.

Despite its rotating lineup, there’s no denying the influence the Pumpkins have had on music.

Not so long ago, Billy Corgan wouldn’t have been caught dead uttering the names “James Iha” or “D’Arcy Wretzky”.

In a no-holds-barred interview with Alternative Nation, Corgan, the frontman for The Smashing Pumpkins, criticised social media for encouraging outrage culture, political tribalism, and slavishness to the state. Look no further than some post from the New York Times and read the comments. If you have people like Jerry Seinfeld come out and saying, “It’s not worth playing at colleges anymore because social justice warriors will be all over you the moment you step out of line.” So you’re right about a comedian using Facebook or a musician using Facebook, but I guarantee you the minute they put something up that doesn’t align with the social justice mob mentality, the risk is too high.

He also criticised Facebook and other social media companies for being too close to “big government.”The social media construct is cuddly and fuzzy for a reason… So you have a watering down of diversity and homogenizing of general messaging. Corgan also displayed some distinctly anti-government views, criticising social media for their closeness to the state and attacking the mainstream media for their slavishness towards the Obama administration. The government is literally in league with these big social media companies becasuse they are mining the data! Whatever happened to this talk about ‘the government this’ and ‘the press that,’ that’s all gone out the window. …I find that I read the mainstream websites because I want to see, basically what are the marching orders.

It is pretty interesting to see the White House press a button and how the mainstream media verbatim with very little questioning factor that propaganda out.

Corgan was raised primarily by his father, blues guitarist Bill Corgan, Sr., and his stepmother. soon gained a loyal following in the Chicago club scene.

The young Corgan played music in high school and formed his first band, The Marked, in 1985. Smashing Pumpkins signed with Caroline Records in 1990, and their debut album, In 2000, following a struggle with Chamberlin??

He wished Wretzky a happy birthday, adding, “I’m encouraged to hear that she is playing music once more, and writing songs.

As I’ve often said, no one had better musical discernment in our band than she.” Corgan then addressed inevitable speculation of a reunion.

Not far removed from completing the "In Plainsong" tour with the Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan is now at work on a new solo album.

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