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05-Dec-2017 21:13

But is it 90 minutes of rich Russian historical pageant or an over-long experiment in formalism?

When Rosamund Pike’s wedding to movie director Joe Wright was called off at the last minute, she was distraught.

So I've always been fascinated by the 1930s and 1940s because I thought if I understood that period, then I'd understand him better." Consequently, Wright always felt out of step with his peers.

"I just wanted to listen to Nöel Coward and ponce around in a silk dressing gown, which made me slightly unpopular with the other kids, but fuck 'em. When Tarantino hit with Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, I did worry. For a while, I tried to be untrue to myself, being a bit tough and hip and using gangster rap soundtracks. It doesn't suit, darling." The golden boy of period drama cracks a smile.

Was he making a point about Briony being an unreliable narrator? But I wanted to keep the shot because I liked it, because at the moment he penetrates her, they both lift off the ground for a moment, in a kind of suspended levitation, a bit like a Chagall painting.

It also reminded me of a moment in a production of Venus and Adonis that my mum and my sister worked on for the RSC where Venus's feet floated off the ground when she kissed Adonis for the first time. "They upset me massively, but one is always striving to do something perfect so it's good that one never does." Next we have to talk about That Long Shot.

On the strength of his Super8 films and his paintings, he won a place to study fine art and film at Camberwell College of Arts.

His first directorial work was in TV, with the socio-realist drama Nature Boy (2000), inspired by quondam heroes Alan Clarke and Ken Loach.

"It's a patriotic scene, in a good way, not a nationalistic way."I was interested in experimenting with scale, as if the people were tiny figures or puppets that she is playing with, the story being about a writer's attempt at controlling life." In one key scene, Briony witnesses her sister Cecilia, played by Knightley, and Robbie Turner (James Mc Avoy) in flagrante.

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