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Mackenzie (really starting to grow on me, anyone else?) is, as usual, trying to smooth everything over, but Ryan insists that Maci is being a “punk” and while Mackenzie tries to explain that, hey, buddy, maybe you shouldn’t be calling your ex names on national television, Ryan gets even angrier, talking about how it’s “always about Maci” and how she’s being unfair.There’s some talk about how moms take care of everything and dads do nothing — which, as you’ve seen in the past few seasons, is a complete lie when it comes to Catelynn and Tyler — and then Tyler’s Mom, ready for her close-up (I always imagine that she’s being played by Allison Janney) suggests that if Tyler really wants to have a boy, he needs to start giving it to Catelynn doggy-style.I know that sounds a little crass, but there’s really no doing it justice unless you’ve watched this scene. Ryan wants to take Bentley to Alabama for Thanksgiving and Maci wants to take him to Texas. If you guessed “not to Mackenzie’s house followed by a trip to visit Jen and Larry’s kin,” you got it in one. Considering Ryan’s track record when it comes to being there for Bentley, it’s a surprise that the kid even gives it a lot of consideration (but that’s probably mostly for Jen and Larry’s sake).

And, of course, since whether Amber will marry Matt or not isn’t any of Gary’s business, he makes it his mission to get Amber to pin down a wedding date or suffer the consequences. Because he holds all the cards — and he’s pretty fucking smug about it — the most she can do is extricate herself from the situation, or risk facing Gary’s wrath and missing out on time with her kid.

Tyler wants a kid by next year, though, so expect this to be an ongoing theme this season and place your bets on whether the Baltierras will announce a pregnancy sometime soon.

At Nova’s party, which is well-attended and looks real fun (and also offers us a nice shot of Nova literally eating off a knife), Butch gives his granddaughter a beautifully made sleeveless shirt that says #Free Butch and features his handsome mug front and center.

Friends, it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that Gary Shirley is at it again.

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After two episodes in which he tried — half-heartedly — to convince us that he’s changed his stripes and become a better man, Gary took off his dadbod shirt and revealed the truth: He’s just as awful as he always has been.Fine, I’ll buy one.)After Butch leaves, Catelynn, Tyler, and Emmy-nominated Tyler’s Mom, have a conversation about his sobriety.

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