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The technology is now being tested in clinical trials to determine how it fits in the flow of patient care.

Some of the most promising uses could be when CT scans or MRIs are not available, in rural or developing areas, or when they are too risky.

With the game console's ability to accurately track the exact position of the controller, he wondered about just sticking the controller to an ultrasound probe with duct tape.

His team created their prototypes in 3D printing labs, starting with a streamlined plastic holster that slips onto the ultrasound probe.

Scroll down for video Scientists used a common microchip costing just £7 () that tracks how your smartphone or controller is oriented to convert current hospital ultrasound machines.

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'With our new 3D technique, we hope to demonstrate that we can determine the source of bleeding, measure the rate of bleeding right at the bedside and determine whether an operation is really needed.' Professor Broder said: 'Ultrasound is such a beautiful technology because it is inexpensive, it is portable, and it is completely safe in every patient.Professor Joshua Broder, lead researcher from of Duke University, North Carolina, explained: 'With 2D technology you see a visual slice of an organ, but without any context, you can make mistakes.'These are problems that can be solved with the added orientation and holistic context of 3D technology.'Gaining that ability at an incredibly low cost by taking existing machines and upgrading them seemed like the best solution to us.'Demonstrating the device at the American College of Emergency Physicians Research Forum in Washington, DC, the researchers showed how the £7.50 () chip provided £38,000 (,000) ultrasound machines with many of the abilities of £190,000 (0,000) 3D scanners.Professor Broder said the idea came to him while playing with a Nintendo Wii gaming system with his son.The total cost of the final product is less than 0.

When you're done playing and teaking and satisified that your own version of my controller will work for you, it's time to make it all permanent, pretty, and easy to mount and dismount.

And it is brought to the bedside and it doesn't interfere with patient care'Newborn babies are also notoriously difficult to get images of, but doctors may need numerous scans when there is fluid on the brain or a congenital condition.