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No significant difference was observed between male groups concerning loss or gain of the X or Y chromosome.

CONCLUSION: Our results support previously published studies indicating that the loss of an X chromosome in a single cell in females undergoing ICSI is probably an artefact.

Notably, when a sex chromosome abnormality is seen in a low percentage of cells, it is suspected by some workers to be an artefact.

We conducted a cohort study to determine whether there was an increase of numerical sex chromosome mosaicisms among couples undergoing ICSI compared with fertile couples.

METHODS: Cytogenetic investigations were performed in 228 females and 208 males seen for ICSI between January 1997 and March 2001. RESULTS: Sex chromosome loss or gain was observed in at least one cell from 24.1% of ICSI women in comparison with 22% of controls (not significant).

A significant difference between these two groups was found when X chromosome loss in at least two cells was considered, 9.6% for ICSI females versus 4.8% for controls ( = 0.01).

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Six women (3.9%) had a gonosomal mosaicism including three with a single cell abnormality.No significant difference in X chromosome gain (47, XXX and 48, XXXX) was found between ICSI and control females (Table II).