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As Professor Walter Veith observes in his book A depiction of Jesus placing the crown of thorns on Mary's head.

Notice that she is depicted with the wounds of the cross on her hands.

Fortunately, Catholicism still has Jesus Christ and the basic Gospel as a foundation, so the sincere seeker can find salvation through Christ.

But by adding so many traditions not grounded in God’s Word, the Roman Catholic institution buries the truth under many levels of false belief.

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Catholics believe the mass will effectively offer Christ again and again as a sacrifice for sins, while Hindus will present their gods with sacrifices and offerings of flowers. Both religions have a strong belief that spiritual exercises will lift the worshiper out of the usual round of daily living, and will promote a mystic and superior understanding of existence. Ignatius is not really very different in his outlook on “spiritual exercises” than the Hindu mystic in his concentration on escaping this physical world and entering nirvana. Of course it can be pointed out that Hinduism is polytheistic (worshiping many gods) while Catholicism is monotheistic (worshiping only one God).

Both have a physical center for worshipers’ pilgrimages. Peter’s in Rome, while Hindus travel many miles to the Ganges River.